Nebraska Revised Statute 31-742

Chapter 31


Rules and regulations; service charges; recovery.

The board of trustees or the administrator may make all necessary rules and regulations governing the use of the installations and the operation and control thereof. The board or the administrator may establish an initial connection charge to be paid by any person, firm, or corporation connecting to the sewer or water system, or both, at the time of connection and establish just and equitable rates or charges to be paid to it for connections and the use of the water mains, disposal plant, and sewerage system by each person, firm, or corporation whose premises are served thereby. If the service or connection charge so established is not paid when due, such sum may be recovered by the district in a civil action, or it may be certified to the county assessor and assessed against the premises served, and collected or returned in the same manner as other district taxes are certified, assessed, collected, and returned. The district, through its board of trustees or the administrator, may make contracts or agreements whereby a person or corporation, public or private, furnishing water to the inhabitants of the district, shall turn off and refuse to sell water to any such water user who is delinquent in the payment of any sewer rental or service charges over forty-five days. Notice of such discontinuance of water service to such person or corporation and water user shall be given by certified or registered mail.


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