Nebraska Revised Statute 31-552

Chapter 31


Sanitary districts; transfer of assets; hearing; notice.

Before exercising any of the powers contained in section 31-551, the board of trustees of any such sanitary district shall hold a public hearing. At such public hearing it shall hear any and all persons interested with respect to:

(1) Whether the proposed transfer of property and jurisdiction will eliminate duplication and promote efficiency in the drainage in the area served by said sanitary district;

(2) Whether such natural resources district is capable of operating, maintaining, improving, financing and otherwise providing for drainage in said area; and

(3) Any other matters relating to the merits of the proposed transfer as they will affect the health and welfare of the inhabitants of the area to be served.

Notice of such public hearing of the board of trustees shall be given by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in said district at least ten days prior to such hearing.


  • Laws 1961, c. 140, § 2, p. 405.