Nebraska Revised Statute 31-538

Chapter 31


Sanitary district; activities; discontinuance; effect on powers of trustees and property rights.

(1) The result of such election shall be certified to the county board of the county in which such district is located, and if at such election a majority of the qualified electors actually voting in such sanitary district shall vote in favor of the discontinuance of the activities and work of the district, the trustees of such district shall thereupon cease the performance of their duties as such trustees, and the county board of the county in which such district is located shall thereupon act as trustees ex officio of the district and shall have all the powers, rights, and authority previously vested by law in the trustees of the district, but without additional compensation.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in section 31-543, all tangible property within the territorial limits of any city or village within such district, and any tangible property serving a particular city or village, such as a sanitary sewage treatment plant, and which could be operated and maintained by the particular city or village so served, shall be transferred and assigned to such city or village which shall, upon an acceptance of such transfer or assignment by its council or board of trustees or other local governing body, be thereafter wholly operated and maintained out of funds appropriated and levied by such city or village.


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  • Operative Date: April 19, 2022