Nebraska Revised Statute 31-516

Chapter 31


Improvements recommended by Department of Natural Resources; board of trustees as board of equalization; notice of meeting; appeal.

Upon the completion of the improvement, notice shall be given that the trustees will sit as a board of equalization, at a day and hour in such notice stated, for the purpose of equalizing the assessments of such portion of the cost of such improvement as the report of the Department of Natural Resources finds to represent the special benefits of the land the drainage of which such improvements would improve. At such hearing such board of equalization shall hear all complaints with reference to the assessments proposed under the findings of the department. The trustees sitting as a board of equalization shall have power to increase or decrease such special assessments to the end that the property shall be assessed its equitable portion of the cost of such improvement, but not exceeding in the aggregate the percentage of the total cost recommended by the department to be assessed against such property and not exceeding in any case the actual special benefits accruing to such land. Notice of such meeting of the board of equalization shall be given by publishing a notice thereof in a paper, published in the county seat in each of the counties where any of the lands to be assessed are situated, once each week for three consecutive weeks. Appeals from the findings of such board of equalization may be taken in the manner provided for appeals from assessments of drainage districts organized under sections 31-401 to 31-450.


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