Nebraska Revised Statute 31-504

Chapter 31


Organization; election; notice; publication; form of ballot; canvass; returns; vote required.

After such determination by the county board, or a majority thereof, it shall call a special election and submit to the legal voters of the proposed sanitary district the question of the organization of such district, and notice in a daily paper, if there be one, shall be given of such election twenty days prior thereto. At such election each legal voter resident within the proposed sanitary district shall have a right to cast a ballot with the words thereon, For sanitary district, or Against sanitary district, and the ballots cast shall be received, returned and canvassed in the same manner as upon county elections. The result shall be entered of record, and if a majority of the votes cast be in favor of the proposed district, such proposed district shall be deemed an organized sanitary district under sections 31-501 to 31-523.


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