Nebraska Revised Statute 31-409.03

Chapter 31


Voting precincts; authorized; directors; how elected.

(1) The board of directors may divide the district into two or more voting precincts for the purpose of electing directors of the district. The precincts shall be established to include, as nearly as possible, equal acreage if the district levies taxes based on valuation or equal units of benefit if the district taxes on the basis of apportionment of benefits. Upon completion of the division the board shall prepare a subdivision plat and file the plat with the county clerk of each county containing affected land. The board shall provide for the phasing in of precinct voting for all elections subsequent to the decision to subdivide the district beginning with the first such election. After the board has divided the district pursuant to this subsection, the board shall not divide the district again or change the divisions until precinct voting is completely phased in and an election has been held for the directors to be elected in each precinct.

(2) When a district has been divided into two or more voting precincts, an equal number of directors shall be elected in each precinct and the remaining directors, if any, shall be elected at large. Each director elected by precinct shall own land assessed for benefits in the precinct from which he or she is elected. Precinct elections shall be held at a location within the precinct designated by the board or as provided in section 31-409.01.


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