Nebraska Revised Statute 31-375

Chapter 31


Drainage district; dissolution; procedure; election; notice; effect; funds; distribution.

There being no outstanding indebtedness, the board of supervisors of any drainage district organized under sections 31-301 to 31-305 may, on its own motion or on the filing of a written request signed by fifteen electors of the district, order an election to be held to vote on the question of the dissolution of any such district. The secretary of any such drainage district shall file a certified copy of such action by the board with the clerk of the district court of the county wherein the original petition for the incorporation of any such drainage district was filed, whereupon the clerk of the district court shall call an election and give notice to all persons interested in and owning land within the drainage district three successive weeks next preceding the election in a legal newspaper printed and published in the county wherein the district was originally incorporated. If no legal newspaper is printed and published in such county, such notice shall be placed in a legal newspaper of general circulation in the county wherein the district was originally incorporated. It shall be sufficient if the notice of such election shall be directed to all persons interested in the drainage district, identifying the same as it is referred to in the original petition for incorporation. The notice shall specify the day, hour, and place at which the election shall be held. The election shall be held in some public place in the county in which the district was organized. At such election every acre of land shall represent one share, and each owner shall be entitled to one vote for every acre of land owned by him or her in such district. If at the election a majority of the votes cast shall favor the dissolution, then such district shall stand dissolved, and the clerk of the district court shall certify such result and dissolution to the county clerk of each county wherein any portion of the lands of the drainage district lies. When any drainage district is dissolved as provided in this section, any remaining funds of the district shall be distributed to the counties in which the district is situated in the same proportion as the area of the district in each county bears to the total area of the district and shall be deposited in the general fund of the respective counties.


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  • It is a condition to the right of dissolution that there be no outstanding indebtedness. Ritter v. Drainage Dist. No. 1 of Otoe and Johnson Counties, 137 Neb. 866, 291 N.W. 718 (1940).