Nebraska Revised Statute 31-323

Chapter 31


Engineer's report; objections to classification and assessments; hearing; time.

Within ten days after the filing of the report of the engineer with the chairman of the board of supervisors of the drainage district, the chairman of the board shall call a meeting at some public place in the county in which the district was organized, at which meeting the board shall fix the time and place in the county, not more than fifty nor less than forty days from the day of such meeting, for the hearing of all objections to the report of such engineer, and to the classification of the lands and other property therein, and all objections made by the owner or owners of any land, property, easement or franchise upon which the engineer proposes an assessment for benefits. At such meeting the board shall determine whether the classification is fair and just, whether the proposed assessment exceeds the benefits accruing to their respective lands and property from the drainage improvements, and all other matters and things connected with the proposed classification and assessment of benefits, in any way affecting such lands and property.


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  • Hearing on apportionments of benefits is to cover all objections by an owner of lands upon which the engineer recommends an assessment of benefits. Lost Creek Drainage Dist. v. Elsam, 188 Neb. 705, 199 N.W.2d 387 (1972).