Nebraska Revised Statute 31-202.02

Chapter 31


Watercourses; obstructions; petition by landowners.

Whenever any natural watercourse in a county is filled with trees, silt, or debris in such a manner as to obstruct the natural flow thereof and cause damage by flooding of adjacent lands, any five landowners owning land in such county abutting on the natural watercourse may, by petition, request the county board to cause same to be cleaned out and rendered free of obstructions.


  • Laws 1951, c. 95, § 2, p. 263;
  • Laws 1972, LB 1053, § 1.


  • Under the facts in this case, the depression or draw involved does not qualify as a watercourse as defined in this section. Peters v. Langrehr, 188 Neb. 480, 197 N.W.2d 698 (1972).

  • Where springs are source of definite watercourse, owner of land does not have exclusive right to control and use. Brummund v. Vogel, 184 Neb. 415, 168 N.W.2d 24 (1969).