Nebraska Revised Statute 30-619

Chapter 30


Prohibited acts; penalties.

(1) It shall be a Class II felony for a person to willfully conceal or destroy evidence of any person’s disqualification as a surrogate under the Health Care Surrogacy Act with the intent and effect of causing the withholding or withdrawing of life-sustaining procedures or artificially administered nutrition or hydration which hastens the death of the individual.

(2) It shall be a Class I misdemeanor for a person without the authorization of the individual to willfully alter, forge, conceal, or destroy evidence of an advance health care directive, appointment of a guardian, appointment of an agent for the individual under a power of attorney for health care, or evidence of disqualification of any person as a surrogate under the Health Care Surrogacy Act.

(3) A physician or other health care provider who willfully prevents the transfer of an individual in accordance with section 30-617 with the intention of avoiding the provisions of the Health Care Surrogacy Act shall be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor.