Nebraska Revised Statute 30-4412

Chapter 30


Inpatient treatment facility; principal refuses admission; facility; duties.

(1) If the principal forms a self-binding arrangement for treatment in an advance mental health care directive but then refuses admission to an inpatient treatment facility despite the directive's instructions to admit, the inpatient treatment facility shall respond as follows:

(a) The facility shall, as soon as practicable, obtain the informed consent of the principal's attorney in fact, if the principal has an attorney in fact;

(b) Two licensed physicians shall, within twenty-four hours after the principal's arrival at the facility, evaluate the principal to determine whether the principal has capacity and shall document in the principal's medical record a summary of findings, evaluations, and recommendations; and

(c) If the evaluating physicians determine the principal lacks capacity, the principal shall be admitted into the inpatient treatment facility pursuant to the principal's directive.

(2) After twenty-one days following the date of admission, if the principal has not regained capacity or has regained capacity but refuses to consent to remain for additional treatment, the facility shall dismiss the principal from the facility's care and the principal shall be released during daylight hours or to the care of an individual available only during nondaylight hours. This subsection does not apply if the principal is detained pursuant to involuntary commitment standards.

(3) A principal may specify in the advance mental health care directive a shorter amount of time than twenty-one days.