Nebraska Revised Statute 30-4403

Chapter 30


Advance mental health care directive; use; legislative declarations; right of individual.

(1) The Legislature hereby declares that an advance mental health care directive can only accomplish the purposes stated in section 30-4402 if an individual may use an advance mental health care directive to:

(a) Set forth instructions for any foreseeable mental health care when the individual loses capacity to make decisions regarding such mental health care, including, but not limited to, consenting to inpatient mental health treatment, psychotropic medication, or electroconvulsive therapy;

(b) Dictate whether the directive is revocable during periods of incapacity and provide consent to treatment despite illness-induced refusals;

(c) Choose the standard by which the directive becomes active; and

(d) In compliance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, include in the directive a release authorization form stating the names of persons to whom information regarding the mental health treatment of the principal may be disclosed during the time the directive is activated, including, but not limited to, health care professionals, mental health care professionals, family, friends, and other interested persons with whom treatment providers are allowed to communicate if the principal loses capacity.

(2) An individual with capacity has the right to control decisions relating to the individual's mental health care unless subject to a court order involving mental health care under any other provision of law.