Nebraska Revised Statute 30-4115

Chapter 30


Office; responsibilities and duties; Public Guardian; limitation on appointment; notice.

(1)(a) The office shall maintain the appropriate personnel and workload scope necessary to fulfill all its responsibilities and duties under the Public Guardianship Act.

(b) The office shall provide appropriate and high-quality care and support, including timely decisionmaking, to all public wards and public protected persons served by the Public Guardian and his or her designees.

(c) Public guardianship and public conservatorship cases shall be managed by the Public Guardian and be served by the multidisciplinary team through a caseload distribution of wards and protected persons that takes into consideration the:

(i) Identified needs of the service population;

(ii) Complexity and status of each case, based upon factors such as the individual’s living situation, the type of guardianship being provided, or the existence of complex medical conditions;

(iii) Size of the geographical area covered;

(iv) Qualifications and professional expertise of each team member;

(v) Availability of auxiliary services by support staff and volunteers;

(vi) Organizational responsibilities; and

(vii) Applicable legal requirements.

(2) The Public Guardian may accept an appointment as a public guardian or public conservator for an individual not to exceed an average ratio of twenty public wards or public protected persons to each member of the multidisciplinary team. When determining such average ratio, all full-time members of the office's multidisciplinary team may be counted.

(3) When the average ratio described in subsection (2) of this section has been reached, the Public Guardian shall not accept further appointments. The Public Guardian, upon reaching the maximum number of appointments, shall notify the State Court Administrator that such maximum number of appointments has been reached.