Nebraska Revised Statute 30-3836

Chapter 30


(UTC 410) Modification or termination of trust; proceeding for approval or disapproval.

(UTC 410) (a) In addition to the methods of termination prescribed by sections 30-3837 to 30-3840, a trust terminates to the extent the trust is revoked or expires pursuant to its terms, no purpose of the trust remains to be achieved, or the purposes of the trust have become unlawful, contrary to public policy, or impossible to achieve.

(b) A proceeding to approve or disapprove a proposed modification or termination under sections 30-3837 to 30-3842, or trust combination or division under section 30-3843, may be commenced by a trustee or beneficiary. The settlor of a charitable trust may maintain a proceeding to modify the trust under section 30-3839.


  • When a trust does not contain a termination clause, its termination date is implied from its terms. In re Estate of Hedke, 278 Neb. 727, 775 N.W.2d 13 (2009).

  • Where a trust did not contain a termination clause, the trust impliedly terminated with the settlor's death, because the settlor's beneficial interests in the trust ended upon her death when providing for her care and support was the only purpose for the trust. The trustee's payments for a settlor's outstanding debts, taxes, and expenses upon the settlor's death are part of the trustee's winding-up duties after a trust terminates. In re Estate of Hedke, 278 Neb. 727, 775 N.W.2d 13 (2009).