Nebraska Revised Statute 30-3825

Chapter 30


(UTC 304) Representation by person having substantially identical interest.

(UTC 304) Unless otherwise represented, a minor, incapacitated, or unborn individual, or a person whose identity or location is unknown and not reasonably ascertainable, may be represented by and bound by another having a substantially identical interest with respect to the particular question or dispute, but only to the extent there is no conflict of interest between the representative and the person represented.


  • Under section 30-3837(b), the party seeking a modification of a trust must affirmatively demonstrate that all beneficiaries have consented to the modification. The issue of consent for unknown beneficiaries must be resolved pursuant to this section and section 30-3826. In re Trust of Shire, 299 Neb. 25, 907 N.W.2d 263 (2018).