Nebraska Revised Statute 30-2415

Chapter 30


Informal probate; duty of registrar; effect of informal probate.

(a) Upon receipt of an application requesting informal probate of a will, the registrar, upon making the findings required by section 30-2416, shall issue a written statement of informal probate if at least one hundred twenty hours have elapsed since the decedent's death. Informal probate is conclusive as to all persons until superseded by an order in a formal testacy proceeding. No defect in the application or procedure relating thereto which leads to informal probate of a will, or in connection with the notice required by subsection (b) of this section, renders the probate void.

(b) If a personal representative has not been appointed under section 30-2420 contemporaneously with the issuance of a written statement of informal probate, the clerk shall, within thirty days thereafter, publish notice once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper having general circulation in the county where the written statement of informal probate has been issued. The first publication shall be made within thirty days after the statement is issued, shall be in a form prescribed by the Supreme Court, and shall give notice that a written statement of informal probate of a will of the decedent has been issued. The party instituting or maintaining the proceeding or his attorney is required to mail the published notice and give proof thereof in accordance with section 25-520.01.