Nebraska Revised Statute 3-304

Chapter 3


Joint airport zoning board; airport zoning regulation; filing.

If an airport is owned or controlled by a political subdivision and any airport hazard area appertaining to such airport is located outside of the political subdivision's zoning jurisdiction, the political subdivision owning or controlling the airport and the political subdivision or political subdivisions within whose zoning jurisdiction the airport hazard area or areas are located may, by ordinance or resolution duly adopted, create a joint airport zoning board, which board shall have the same power to adopt, by resolution approved by a majority of the board, airport zoning regulations applicable to an airport hazard area as that vested by section 3-303 in any political subdivision within whose zoning jurisdiction such area is located. Any airport zoning regulation, or any amendment thereto, adopted by a joint airport zoning board shall be filed with the official or administrative agency responsible for the enforcement of zoning regulations in each of the political subdivisions participating in the creation of the joint airport zoning board and shall be enforced as provided in section 3-319.