Nebraska Revised Statute 3-202

Chapter 3


Municipality; powers.

Every municipality is hereby authorized, through its governing body, to (1) acquire property, real or personal, for the purpose of establishing, constructing, and enlarging airports and other air navigation facilities, (2) acquire, establish, construct, enlarge, improve, maintain, equip, operate, and regulate such airports and other air navigation facilities and structures and other property incidental to their operation, either within or without the territorial limits of such municipality and within or without this state, (3) make, prior to any such acquisition, investigations, surveys, and plans, (4) construct, install, and maintain airport facilities for the servicing of aircraft and for the comfort and accommodation of air travelers and (5) purchase and sell equipment and supplies as an incident to the operation of its airport properties. It may not, however, acquire or take over any airport or other air navigation facility owned or controlled by any other municipality of the state without the consent of such municipality. It may use for airport purposes any available property that is now or may at any time hereafter be owned or controlled by it. Such air navigation facilities as are established on airports shall be supplementary to and coordinated in design and operation with those established and operated by the federal and state governments.


  • Laws 1945, c. 34, § 2(1), p. 156.