Nebraska Revised Statute 3-151

Chapter 3


Aircraft fuel tax; repayment; presentation of claims.

All claims for reimbursement shall be made by affidavit in such form and containing such information as the Tax Commissioner shall prescribe. Such claims shall be accompanied by the original invoices of sales and receipts and shall be filed with the commissioner within seven months from the date of purchase or invoice. The commissioner may require such further information as he shall deem necessary for the determination of such claims. He shall transmit all claims approved by him to the Director of Administrative Services, who shall forthwith draw his warrant against the proceeds of the tax levied under section 3-148 and credited to the Aircraft Fuel Tax Fund in the state treasury upon the presentation of proper vouchers for each claim for reimbursement; and the State Treasurer shall pay such warrants out of money in such fund without specific appropriation.


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