Nebraska Revised Statute 29-4501

Chapter 29


Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that to electronically record statements made during a custodial interrogation is an effective way to document a free, knowing, voluntary, and intelligent waiver of a person's right to remain silent, to agree to answer questions, to decide to have an attorney present during such questioning, and to decide to have an attorney provided to such person if he or she cannot afford an attorney, as provided by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Nebraska. Providing a record of the statement made during a custodial interrogation and any waiver of constitutional rights will reduce speculation and claims that may arise as to the content of the statement. Such a record of the content of the statement will aid law enforcement officers in analyzing and rejecting untruthful statements and will aid the factfinder in determining whether a statement was freely, knowingly, voluntarily, and intelligently made.