Nebraska Revised Statute 29-3706

Chapter 29


Records of proceedings; part of criminal case records; medical and psychiatric records; how treated.

All pleadings, evidence admitted, orders, judgments, and memoranda of findings and conclusions made in the proceedings held pursuant to sections 29-3701 to 29-3704 shall be made a part of the official record of the underlying criminal case. The court may direct that the medical and psychiatric records not received into evidence at such proceedings be kept confidential and not be available for public inspection.


  • Laws 1981, LB 213, § 8.


  • This section does not regulate the release of trial records, but merely makes all pleadings, evidence, and orders related to a review hearing part of the official record in the underlying case. State v. Cribbs, 237 Neb. 947, 469 N.W.2d 108 (1991).