Nebraska Revised Statute 29-211

Chapter 29


Motor vehicle pursuit; law enforcement agency; adopt policy; contents; training.

(1) Each law enforcement agency within the State of Nebraska shall adopt and implement a written policy regarding the pursuit of motor vehicles. Such policy shall contain at least the following elements:

(a) Standards which describe when a pursuit may be initiated, taking into consideration the nature and severity of the offense involved;

(b) Standards which describe when a pursuit is to be discontinued, giving special attention to (i) the degree of danger presented to the general public and the pursuing officer and (ii) the probability of later apprehension of the subject based upon his or her identification;

(c) Procedures governing the operation of pursuits including, but not limited to, the number and types of vehicles which may be used, the method of operation of such vehicles, and the exercise of supervision during pursuits;

(d) Procedures governing pursuits which include other law enforcement agencies or which extend into the jurisdiction of other law enforcement agencies; and

(e) A system of mandatory continued planning and review of training of personnel appropriate and consistent with the policies and jurisdiction of the law enforcement agency regarding the proper handling of pursuits, including, at a minimum, an annual review of the policy with each sworn law enforcement officer and dispatcher.

(2) It shall be the responsibility of each law enforcement agency within the State of Nebraska to ensure that all law enforcement officers who commence employment with such law enforcement agency receive specialized training in pursuit driving at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center or at an equivalent training program approved by the Nebraska Police Standards Advisory Council.

Cross References

  • Apprehension of persons, see section 29-215.
  • Liability for damages to third parties, see sections 13-911 and 81-8,215.01.
  • Nebraska Rules of the Road, emergency vehicle privileges, see section 60-6,114.
  • Uniform Act on Fresh Pursuit, see section 29-421.