Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2017

Chapter 29 Section 2017


Jury; view place of occurrence of material fact; restrictions.

Whenever in the opinion of the court it is proper for the jury to have a view of the place in which any material fact occurred, it may order them to be conducted in a body, under charge of the sheriff, to the place which shall be shown to them by some person appointed by the court. While the jury are thus absent, no person other than the sheriff having them in charge and the person appointed to show them the place shall speak to them on any subject connected with the trial.


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  • The court did not abuse discretion in rejecting defendant's motion to have jury visit jail from which he had escaped. State v. Glenn, 193 Neb. 230, 226 N.W.2d 137 (1975).

  • In absence of abuse of discretion, court may order, or refuse to permit, jury to inspect scene of alleged crime. State v. Craig, 189 Neb. 461, 203 N.W.2d 158 (1973).

  • No presumption that prisoner was not present at view, if record shows him to have been present in court when order was made, though record is silent as to presence at view. Fillion v. State, 5 Neb. 351 (1877).

  • View should be in presence of prisoner, unless he waives privilege. Carroll v. State, 5 Neb. 31 (1876).