Nebraska Revised Statute 29-1922

Chapter 29


Motion to produce statement of defendant and names of eyewitnesses; filing; order.

Any defendant may file a motion to produce any statement made by the defendant, or furnish the name of every eyewitness who has identified the defendant at a lineup or showup. The motion shall be filed in the court where the case is to be tried and may be made at any time after the information, indictment, or complaint is filed, and must be filed at least ten days before trial or at the time of arraignment, whichever is the later, unless otherwise permitted by the court for good cause shown. Upon a showing that the items requested by the defendant may be material to the preparation of his or her defense and that the request is reasonable, the court shall entertain such motion and upon sufficient showing may at any time order that the discovery or the inspection be denied, restricted, or deferred or may specify the time, place, and manner of the making of the examination and the taking of copies of items requested and may prescribe such other terms and conditions as are just.


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