Nebraska Revised Statute 28-710.01

Chapter 28


Legislative declarations.

(1) The Legislature declares that the public policy of the State of Nebraska is to protect children whose health or welfare may be jeopardized by abuse or neglect. The Legislature recognizes that most families want to keep their children safe, but circumstances or conditions sometimes interfere with their ability to do so. Families and children are best served by interventions that engage their protective capacities and address immediate safety concerns and ongoing risks of child abuse or neglect. In furtherance of this public policy and the family policy and principles set forth in sections 43-532 and 43-533, it is the intent of the Legislature to strengthen the family and make the home, school, and community safe for children by promoting responsible child care in all settings and to provide, when necessary, a safe temporary or permanent home environment for abused or neglected children.

(2) In addition, it is the policy of this state to: Require the reporting of child abuse or neglect in home, school, and community settings; provide for alternative response to reports as permitted by law and the rules and regulations of the department; provide for traditional response to reports as required by law and the rules and regulations of the department; and provide protective and supportive services designed to preserve and strengthen the family in appropriate cases.