Nebraska Revised Statute 28-327.11

Chapter 28


Civil action; rebuttable presumption; noneconomic damages; expert witness; physician deemed transacting business; affirmative defense; additional remedies.

In a civil action involving section 28-327, the following shall apply:

(1) In determining the liability of the physician and the validity of the consent of a pregnant woman, the failure to comply with the requirements of section 28-327 shall create a rebuttable presumption that the pregnant woman would not have undergone the recommended abortion had section 28-327 been complied with by the physician;

(2) The absence of physical injury shall not preclude an award of noneconomic damages including pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental suffering, emotional distress, psychological trauma, loss of society or companionship, loss of consortium, injury to reputation, or humiliation associated with the abortion;

(3) The fact that a physician does not perform elective abortions or has not performed elective abortions in the past shall not automatically disqualify such physician from being an expert witness. A licensed obstetrician or family practitioner who regularly assists pregnant women in resolving medical matters related to pregnancy may be qualified to testify as an expert on the screening, counseling, management, and treatment of pregnancies;

(4) Any physician advertising services in this state shall be deemed to be transacting business in this state pursuant to section 25-536 and shall be subject to the provisions of section 28-327;

(5) It shall be an affirmative defense to an allegation of inadequate disclosure under the requirements of section 28-327 that the defendant omitted the contested information because statistically validated surveys of the general population of women of reproductive age, conducted within the three years before or after the contested abortion, demonstrate that less than five percent of women would consider the contested information to be relevant to an abortion decision; and

(6) In addition to the other remedies available under the common or statutory law of this state, a woman or her survivors shall have a cause of action for reckless endangerment against any person, other than a physician or pharmacist licensed under the Uniform Credentialing Act, who attempts or completes an abortion on the pregnant woman or aids or abets the commission of a self-induced abortion. Proof of injury shall not be required to recover an award, including reasonable costs and attorney's fees, for wrongful death under this subdivision.

Cross References

  • Uniform Credentialing Act, see section 38-101.