Nebraska Revised Statute 28-1403

Chapter 28 Section 1403


Locksmiths; registration certificates; application; contents; fee.

The county clerk shall provide the registration certificates upon receipt of a fee of five dollars. Every locksmith shall conspicuously display such certificate in his or her place of business. The application shall be filed in the manner and form prescribed by the Secretary of State, and shall include as a minimum (1) the name and social security number of the applicant, (2) the name of the applicant's business, (3) the address of such place of business, (4) whether the applicant has been convicted of violating the laws of any state, other than minor traffic violations, and (5) the name and address of three individuals who have knowledge of the applicant's character, experience, and ability. It shall be the duty of each county clerk to supply each applicant with an application form and to file a copy of each application, which application shall be public information.


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