Nebraska Revised Statute 28-1204.03

Chapter 28


Firearms and violence; legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that:

(1) Increased violence at schools has become a national, state, and local problem;

(2) Increased violence and the threat of violence has a grave and detrimental impact on the educational process in Nebraska schools;

(3) Increased violence has caused fear and concern among not only the schools and students but the public at large;

(4) Firearms have contributed greatly to the increase of fear and concern among our citizens;

(5) Schools have a duty to protect their students and provide an environment which promotes and provides an education in a nonthreatening manner;

(6) An additional danger of firearms at schools is the risk of accidental discharge and harm to students and staff;

(7) Firearms are an immediate and inherently dangerous threat to the safety and well-being of an educational setting; and

(8) The ability to confiscate and remove firearms quickly from school grounds is a legitimate and necessary tool to protect students and the educational process.