Nebraska Revised Statute 25-530.08

Chapter 25


Company, firm, or unincorporated association; appointment of agent; execution on judgment; fees.

When a company, firm, or unincorporated association described in section 25-313 has its principal place of business or activity outside of this state and does not have a usual place of doing business or activity within the state or a clerk or general agent within the state, such company, firm, or unincorporated association shall appoint an agent or agents in this state, and before it is authorized to engage in any kind of business or activity in this state, such company, firm, or unincorporated association shall file in the office of the Secretary of State a certified statement setting forth that such company, firm, or unincorporated association is doing business or conducting activities in the State of Nebraska, stating the nature of the business or activity, and designating an agent or agents within the State of Nebraska upon whom process or other legal notice of the commencement of any legal proceeding or in the prosecution thereof may be served. Executions issued on any judgments rendered in such proceedings shall be levied only on property of the company, firm, or unincorporated association. A fee of five dollars shall be paid for filing the certified statement with the Secretary of State. If there is a change of the agent or agents or if there is a change of street address, a statement shall be filed with the Secretary of State stating the name of the new agent or agents or the new street address or both. A filing fee of three dollars shall be paid for the filing of such statement. This section shall not apply to domestic limited partnerships and foreign limited partnerships governed by the Nebraska Uniform Limited Partnership Act.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Uniform Limited Partnership Act, see section 67-296.


  • 1. Right to serve

  • 2. Procedure

  • 3. Miscellaneous

  • 1. Right to serve

  • An unincorporated association to represent employees in collective bargaining must comply with this section before it may bring an action in court. Nebraska Council of Educational Leaders v. Nebraska Dept. of Education, 189 Neb. 811, 205 N.W.2d 537 (1973).

  • Prior to 1947 amendment, where unincorporated association was not formed to carry on some trade or business, or to hold some species of property in this state, service of process could not be properly made on such association in this state. Hurley v. Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, 147 Neb. 781, 25 N.W.2d 29 (1946).

  • Nonresident firm of attorneys, not having office in this state, was not subject to service of process under this section. State ex rel. Johnson v. Tautges, Rerat & Welch, 146 Neb. 439, 20 N.W.2d 232 (1945).

  • Where the members of a partnership reside in another state and are not within this state, service of summons upon the firm cannot be made in a county where it has no usual place of business. Stelling v. Peddicord, 78 Neb. 779, 111 N.W. 793 (1907).

  • To authorize summons to another county, nonresident must be bona fide defendant. Stull Bros. v. Powell, 70 Neb. 152, 97 N.W. 249 (1903).

  • Section is cumulative, and does not prevent service on individual members of partnership. Herron v. Cole Bros., 25 Neb. 692, 41 N.W. 765 (1889).

  • In suit to enjoin violation of federal statute by members of partnership, federal district court for Missouri, wherein members resided, had jurisdiction although place of partnership's business was in Nebraska. Sutherland v. United States, 74 F.2d 89 (8th Cir. 1934).

  • 2. Procedure

  • Defendant having given other reasons for refusing to recognize plaintiff as negotiating agent could not change ground after litigation started and base refusal on tardy filing of certificate designating agent. Orleans Education Assn. v. School Dist. of Orleans, 193 Neb. 675, 229 N.W.2d 172 (1975).

  • In suit against a partnership, filing of a petition by individual partners to remove suit to federal court is not a general appearance but a special appearance only. Security State Bank of Norfolk v. Jackson Bros., Boesel & Co., 130 Neb. 562, 265 N.W. 747 (1936).

  • Service in an action against a partnership may be made by copy left at the usual place of business. Wittstruck v. Temple, 58 Neb. 16, 78 N.W. 456 (1899).

  • Where action is brought against firm in the individual names of its members and one member is absent from state, service upon the others is sufficient. Winters v. Means, 25 Neb. 241, 41 N.W. 157 (1888).

  • Service on partnership at usual place of business is sufficient. Rosenbaum & Co. v. Hayden & Co., 22 Neb. 744, 36 N.W. 147 (1888).

  • 3. Miscellaneous

  • Service of process in an action against individual members of a partnership is not governed by this section. Hanna v. Emerson, 45 Neb. 708, 64 N.W. 229 (1895).