Nebraska Revised Statute 25-403

Chapter 25


Action for specific performance of land contract.

An action to compel the specific performance of a contract of sale of real estate may be brought in the county where the defendants or any of them reside; but if all the defendants are nonresidents of the state, it may be brought in the county where the real estate or some part thereof is situated.


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Cross References

  • For provisions on designation of defendants, see section 25-312.


  • Action for specific performance was properly brought where defendants resided. Smith v. Hornkohl, 166 Neb. 702, 90 N.W.2d 347 (1958).

  • The word "may" in this statute does not mean "must," and suit for specific performance may be brought in any county where parties are properly before the court. Department of Banking v. Stenger, 132 Neb. 576, 272 N.W. 403 (1937).

  • Specific performance is transitory; may be brought in any county where necessary parties properly before court. Pollard v. Larson, 115 Neb. 136, 211 N.W. 998 (1927).

  • Action to cancel contract for purchase of corporate stock is transitory; although part of relief asked relates to mortgages, action need not be brought in county where mortgaged land is located. Scow v. Bankers Fire Ins. Co., 109 Neb. 241, 190 N.W. 858 (1922).

  • Defendant residing where action is brought must be necessary party. Behr v. Willard, 11 Neb. 601, 10 N.W. 525 (1881).

  • Section is discussed. Atchison, T. & S. F. Ry. Co. v. Drayton, 292 F. 15 (8th Cir. 1923).