Nebraska Revised Statute 25-3302

Chapter 25


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Nonrecourse Civil Litigation Act:

(1) Civil litigation funding company means a person or entity that enters into a nonrecourse civil litigation funding transaction with a consumer;

(2) Consumer means a person residing or domiciled in Nebraska or who elects to enter into a transaction under the act, whether it be in person, over the Internet, by facsimile, or by any other electronic means, and who has a pending legal claim and is represented by an attorney at the time he or she receives the nonrecourse civil litigation funding;

(3) Legal claim means a civil claim or action; and

(4) Nonrecourse civil litigation funding means a transaction in which a civil litigation funding company purchases and a consumer assigns the contingent right to receive an amount of the potential proceeds of the consumer's legal claim to the civil litigation funding company out of the proceeds of any realized settlement, judgment, award, or verdict the consumer may receive in the legal claim.