Nebraska Revised Statute 25-330

Chapter 25 Section 330


Intervention; complaint; other pleadings.

The intervention shall be by complaint, which shall set forth the facts on which the intervention rests, and all the pleadings therein shall be governed by the same rules as other pleadings provided for in Chapter 25. If such complaint is filed during term, the court shall direct the time in which answers thereto shall be filed.


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  • A parent in a juvenile action does not need to follow the intervention procedures set forth in this section and sections 25-328 and 25-329 in order to participate in juvenile proceedings involving the parent's child. In re Interest of Sloane O., 291 Neb. 892, 870 N.W.2d 110 (2015).

  • Seeking leave to intervene by motion, and not by complaint, is not a procedural bar to intervention under this section. State ex rel. Lanman v. Board of Cty. Commissioners, 277 Neb. 492, 763 N.W.2d 392 (2009).

  • One of the purposes of requiring a petition by a third party to a litigation to intervene is that the petition will frame the issues and interests regarding the intervening party. In re Interest of Kiana T., 262 Neb. 60, 628 N.W.2d 242 (2001).

  • An intervener must plead some interest in the subject matter of the litigation; a mere denial of plaintiff's right is not sufficient to give him standing in court. Drainage Dist. No. 1 of Lincoln County v. Kirkpatrick-Pettis Co., 140 Neb. 530, 300 N.W. 582 (1941).

  • Statute should be liberally construed but must be substantially followed and applicant must bring himself within its provisions. Geis v. Geis, 125 Neb. 394, 250 N.W. 252 (1933).

  • Section should be liberally construed, but intervener must plead and prove actual interest or be regarded as mere interloper. Parker v. City of Grand Island, 115 Neb. 892, 215 N.W. 127 (1927).

  • May intervene as matter of right before trial. In re Estate of Keller, 101 Neb. 115, 162 N.W. 511 (1917).

  • An intervener whose petition does not state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action, and who does not pray for any judgment which the court has jurisdiction to render, should be dismissed from the action. Iodence v. Peters, 64 Neb. 425, 89 N.W. 1041 (1902).

  • Where filed without leave, court may decide question of intervention with main issue. State ex rel. Bugbee v. Holmes, 59 Neb. 503, 81 N.W. 512 (1900).