Nebraska Revised Statute 25-327

Chapter 25


Substitution; plaintiff in execution for sheriff or other officer.

In an action against a sheriff or other officer for the recovery of property taken under an execution, and replevied by the plaintiff in such action, the court may, upon application of the defendant and of the party in whose favor the execution issued, permit the latter to be substituted as the defendant, security for the costs being given.


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  • When garnishee answers that he has money belonging to judgment debtor, one may intervene who claims money and who is not a party to proceedings, and contest right of plaintiff. Farrington v. Fleming Comm. Co., 94 Neb. 108, 142 N.W. 297 (1913).

  • Court cannot order substitution after final judgment. Hicklin v. Nebraska City National Bank, 8 Neb. 463, 1 N.W. 135 (1879).