Nebraska Revised Statute 25-310

Chapter 25


Suit against infant; guardian; how appointed.

The appointment may be made upon the application of the infant, if he be of the age of fourteen years, and apply within twenty days after the return of the summons. If he be under the age of fourteen or neglect so to apply, the appointment may be made upon the application of any friend of the infant, or on that of plaintiff in the action.


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  • Minor over fourteen has the right to apply for appointment of guardian, and objection that no guardian was appointed comes too late after verdict. Kuhlman v. Schacht, 130 Neb. 511, 265 N.W. 549 (1936).

  • Where partition suit is brought by father against minor children under fourteen years of age, service on minors and plaintiff as father and guardian is sufficient to confer jurisdiction on court to appoint guardian ad litem. Beadle v. Beadle, 102 Neb. 73, 165 N.W. 953 (1917).