Nebraska Revised Statute 25-2704

Chapter 25


Summons; pleadings; time for filings; trial date; telephonic or videoconference hearing; authorized.

(1) In any civil action in county court, the summons, pleadings, and time for filings shall be the same as provided for civil actions in district court. A case shall stand for trial at the earliest available time on the trial docket after the issues therein are or, according to the times fixed for pleading, should have been made up.

(2) All nonevidentiary hearings, and any evidentiary hearings approved by the county court and by stipulation of all parties that have filed an appearance, may be heard by the court telephonically or by videoconferencing or similar equipment at any location within the judicial district as ordered by the court and in a manner that ensures the preservation of an accurate record. Such hearings shall not include trials before a jury. Hearings conducted in this manner shall be consistent with the public's access to the courts.