Nebraska Revised Statute 25-2505

Chapter 25 Section 2505


Public notice; public hearings; when not required; hearing by school district.

Any agency acquiring property on a willing buyer-willing seller basis or by gift, devise, or any other form of voluntary transfer shall not be required to give the notice set forth in section 25-2503 if such agency has no planned project involving acquisition of the specific property, or any part thereof, through the use of eminent domain or the agency has no authority to use eminent domain for acquisition of property, but such agency shall hold a public hearing at least thirty days prior to consummation of the transaction whereby such property is acquired which public hearing and public notice of the same shall comply, where applicable, with section 25-2504. A school district may conduct any hearing required by this section as a part of the agenda at a regular or special meeting of its school board or board of education at the board's usual meeting place or at such other location within the school district as the board may designate.


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