Nebraska Revised Statute 25-2502

Chapter 25 Section 2502


Terms, defined.

As used in sections 25-2501 to 25-2506 and 70-301, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Agency shall include the State of Nebraska and any department, board, commission, or similar entity thereof which possesses the authority to acquire property either with or without the use of eminent domain, any political subdivision of the State of Nebraska, and any privately owned public utility corporation or common carrier not exempted by section 25-2501 which possesses the authority to acquire property through the use of eminent domain;

(2) Property shall include any right or interest in real property, including but not limited to easements, but shall not include easements for public utilities located adjacent to and within ten feet of a public road right-of-way; and

(3) Negotiations shall mean communications between representatives of the agency and the property owner or his representatives who are specifically authorized to attempt to reach agreement on terms by which the agency shall acquire such property.


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  • Laws 1974, LB 653, § 1.