Nebraska Revised Statute 25-2123

Chapter 25 Section 2123


Effect of punishment upon criminal liability.

Persons punished for contempt under the preceding provisions shall nevertheless be liable to indictment, if such contempt shall amount to an indictable offense; but the court before which the conviction shall be had may, in determining the punishment, take into consideration the punishment before inflicted in mitigation of the sentence.


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  • The right of confrontation does not apply to criminal contempt proceedings and defendant's presence is not required if there have been suitable notice and adequate opportunity to appear and be heard. State v. Rhodes, 192 Neb. 557, 222 N.W.2d 837 (1974).

  • Action for criminal contempt for practicing law without license was not barred by lapse of time or by statute making it a misdemeanor, there being no statute limiting time for prosecution of such action and no prejudice shown to defendant by delay. State ex rel. Wright v. Barlow, 132 Neb. 166, 271 N.W. 282 (1937).

  • Failure of information for contempt to use word "willful" is not fatal. Kammer v. State, 105 Neb. 224, 180 N.W. 39 (1920).