Nebraska Revised Statute 25-21,216

Chapter 25


Bonds for costs, appeal, supersedeas, injunction, attachment; state or its agencies not required to give.

No bond for costs, appeal, supersedeas, injunction, or attachment shall be required of the State of Nebraska, or of any state officer, state board, state commission, head of any state department, agent or employee of the state, the Director of Banking and Finance as receiver of insolvent state banks, or any receiver appointed on the application of the State of Nebraska, in any proceedings or court action in which said state, officer, board, commission, head of department, agent, or employee is a party litigant in its or his official capacity.


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  • State is not required to furnish bond upon granting to it of temporary injunction. State ex rel. Beck v. Associates Discount Corp., 162 Neb. 683, 77 N.W.2d 215 (1956).

  • Section is applicable to state officers sued in their official capacity. Power Oil Co. v. Cochran, 138 Neb. 827, 295 N.W. 805 (1941).

  • State or a department thereof, need not give bond on appeal in condemnation proceedings. Peterson v. Department of Roads and Irrigation, 137 Neb. 354, 289 N.W. 370 (1939).

  • State need not execute appeal bond hereunder. State v. Odd Fellows Hall Assn., 123 Neb. 440, 243 N.W. 616 (1932).