Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1634.01

Chapter 25 Section 1634.01


Petit jury; appearance; excused; postponement of service.

(1) Each person summoned, under the provisions of section 25-1634, shall forthwith appear before the court and if competent shall serve on the petit jury unless such person shall be excused from service or lawfully challenged. If necessary, jurors shall continue to be so drawn from time to time until the panel shall be filled.

(2) The court may postpone service of a qualified juror from one jury panel to a specific future panel. A written form shall be completed for each such juror, giving the juror's name and address and the reason for the postponement and bearing the signature of the district judge. Such form shall become a part of the official records of the jury commissioner. The names of jurors transferred from one panel to another shall be added to the names drawn for a particular panel as drawn under section 25-1632.


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