Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1633

Chapter 25 Section 1633


Grand jury; how drawn; alternate jurors.

If a grand jury shall be required by law, or by order of the judge or judges, for any term of court, it shall be the duty of the jury commissioner to draw out of the box or wheel, containing the names of the grand jury list, in the presence of the judge or judges, forty names of persons. The jury commissioner shall then prepare a list of such names, which list shall contain the given names and surnames of persons named therein, their respective places of residence, and their several occupations. Such list shall then be turned over by the jury commissioner to a board to consist of the jury commissioner, the presiding judge of the district court, and one other person whom the presiding judge shall designate. The presiding judge shall be the chairperson. Such board shall select from the list of forty names, the names of sixteen persons, qualified as grand jurors under this section, and the persons whose names are so selected shall be the grand jurors. Such board shall also select from the list of forty names, the names of three additional persons to serve as alternate jurors. The alternate jurors shall sit with the grand jury and participate in all investigative proceedings to the same extent as the regular grand jurors. Alternate grand jurors shall be permitted to question witnesses, review evidence, and participate in all discussions of the grand jury which occur prior to the conclusion of presentation of evidence. When the grand jury has determined that no additional evidence is necessary for its investigation, the alternate grand jurors shall be separated from the regular grand jurors and shall not participate in any further discussions, deliberations, or voting of the grand jury unless one or more of the regular grand jurors is or are excused because of illness or other sufficient reason. Such alternate jurors shall fill vacancies in the order of their selection.


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  • In selection of grand jury, names can be drawn from more than one panel. State v. Abboud, 181 Neb. 84, 147 N.W.2d 152 (1966).