Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1626

Chapter 25 Section 1626


Jury commissioner; compensation in counties over 200,000 inhabitants; assistance; deputy; appointment; powers.

(1) In counties of over two hundred thousand inhabitants, the salary of the jury commissioner shall be fixed by the district judges, but in no event shall exceed three thousand dollars per annum. Said salary shall be payable by warrants drawn on the general fund of the county. A majority of the judges of the district court may by order direct the clerk of the court to furnish such assistance to the jury commissioner as they may find necessary.

(2) The jury commissioner shall appoint a deputy jury commissioner from the regular employees of his office who shall serve ex officio and who shall hold office during the pleasure of the jury commissioner. The deputy jury commissioner shall be approved by the judge or judges of the district court before taking office. The deputy jury commissioner, during the absence of the jury commissioner from the county or during the sickness or disability of the jury commissioner, with the consent of such judge or judges, may perform any or all of the duties of the jury commissioner.

(3) If there are no regular employees of the office of jury commissioner, he may appoint some other county officer or employee thereof as deputy jury commissioner.


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