Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1228

Chapter 25


Trial subpoena; witness fee; return; cost.

(1) The witness fee for one day's attendance must be served with a trial subpoena except when the subpoena is issued (a) at the request of an agency of state government or (b) pursuant to section 25-2304.

(2) The person serving the subpoena shall make a return of service stating the name of the person served, the date and method of service, and, if applicable, that the required witness fee was served with the subpoena. The return of service must be by affidavit unless the subpoena was served by a sheriff or constable. If service was made by certified mail, the signed receipt must be attached to the return of service.

(3) The cost of service of a subpoena is taxable as a court cost, and when service of a subpoena is made by a person other than a sheriff or constable, the cost taxable as a court cost is the lesser of the actual amount incurred for service of process or the statutory fee set for sheriffs in section 33-117.

(4) Except as provided in section 25-2304, the party at whose request a trial subpoena is issued in a civil action or proceeding must pay the witness the fees and mileage to which the witness is entitled under section 33-139. Any fees and mileage that were not paid to the witness before the witness testified must be paid to the witness within a reasonable time after the witness testified.



  • There is no provision in this section for a court to compel a postdeposition reimbursement of fees. Bedore v. Ranch Oil Co., 282 Neb. 553, 805 N.W.2d 68 (2011).

  • Section is not applicable to criminal cases. Huckins v. State, 61 Neb. 871, 86 N.W. 485 (1901).