Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1112

Chapter 25 Section 1112


Requested instruction; how modified.

If the court refuses a written instruction, as demanded, but gives the same with a modification, which the court may do, such modification shall not be by interlineation or erasure, but shall be well defined and shall follow some such characterizing words as "changed thus," which words shall themselves indicate that the same was refused as demanded.


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  • R.S.1943, § 25-1112.


  • Where trial court refuses to give a proffered instruction, and so indicates on the margin thereof, it is not interlineation or erasure to embody statements therefrom in one of the court's instructions. Merritt v. Ash Grove Lime & Portland Cement Co., 136 Neb. 52, 285 N.W. 97 (1939).

  • Modification of requested instruction; exception must be noted, not to modification merely, but to manner of making same. Hunt v. Chicago, B. & Q. R. R. Co., 95 Neb. 746, 146 N.W. 986 (1914).

  • Action of trial court in modifying instruction may not be reviewed in absence of exception. Denise v. Omaha, 49 Neb. 750, 69 N.W. 119 (1896).