Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1093.01

Chapter 25


Request delivery of property; affidavit; contents.

The plaintiff may request the delivery of property as specified in section 25-1093 by filing in the office of the clerk of the court in which the action is filed an affidavit of the plaintiff or his or her agent or attorney showing (1) a description of the property claimed, (2) that the plaintiff is the owner of the property or has a special ownership or interest therein, stating the facts in relation thereto, and that he or she is entitled to the possession of the same, (3) that the property is wrongfully detained by the defendant, and (4) that it was not taken in execution on any order or judgment against such plaintiff, or for the payment of any fine, tax, or amercement assessed against him or her or by virtue of an order of delivery issued under Chapter 25, or any other mesne or final process issued against him or her, except that such affidavit may omit the first and last clause of this subdivision and, in lieu thereof, show that the property was taken on execution on a judgment or order other than an order of delivery in replevin, and that the same is exempt from such execution or attachment under the laws of this state. The provisions of Chapter 25, article 10, shall extend to and apply as well to proceedings in replevin had before county courts. Attached to such affidavit shall be a specific request for the delivery of the property and the issuance of an order by the court to that effect.


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  • Laws 1984, LB 13, § 38.


  • Replevin properly lies to recover chattels unlawfully detained, regardless of whether the original taking was wrongful. White Motor Credit Corp. v. Sapp Bros. Truck Plaza, Inc., 197 Neb. 421, 249 N.W.2d 489 (1977).