Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1083

Chapter 25 Section 1083


Property; possession by sheriff; when authorized; restitution.

Should the delay occasioned by the giving of the notice provided for in section 25-1082 be hazardous to the rights of any party, the court or judge may, by order, direct the sheriff of the county in which such action is pending to take temporary possession of the property, and shall appoint an early day for the hearing of the application, and if at such hearing the application is refused, restitution shall be made of the property to the party from whom the same was taken.


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  • Levy of attachment on portion of property without leave of court is not void in absence of objection by sheriff as custodian. Ackerman v. Ackerman, 50 Neb. 54, 69 N.W. 388 (1896).