Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1078

Chapter 25


Temporary injunction; modification; dissolution; supersedeas bond.

In case of the dissolution or modification by any court, or any judge at chambers, of any temporary order of injunction which has been or may hereafter be granted, the court or judge so dissolving or modifying said order of injunction shall, at the same time, fix a reasonable sum as the amount of a supersedeas bond, which the person or persons applying for said injunction may give, and prevent the doing of the act or acts, the commission of which was, or may be sought to be restrained by the injunction so dissolved and modified.


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  • R.S.1943, § 25-1078.


  • Temporary restraining order cannot be continued in effect by supersedeas bond after denial of permanent injunction. Harbin v. Love, 119 Neb. 76, 227 N.W. 145 (1929).

  • Supersedeas is allowable on dissolution of temporary injunction. State ex rel. Minden-Edison Light & Power Co. v. Dungan, 89 Neb. 738, 132 N.W. 305 (1911).

  • Supersedeas should not be allowed on dissolution of temporary restraining order. State ex rel. Beecher v. Wakeley, 28 Neb. 431, 44 N.W. 488 (1890).

  • Order dissolving injunction is appealable only after final judgment in action. Horst v. Board of Supervisors of Dodge County, 5 Neb. Unof. 410, 98 N.W. 822 (1904).

  • Order which does not render first less effective does not modify injunction. State ex rel. Plattsmouth Telephone Co. v. Fawcett, 2 Neb. Unof. 503, 89 N.W. 273 (1902).