Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1049

Chapter 25


Attachment; claims not due; action authorized; when.

A creditor may bring an action on a claim before it is due and have an attachment against the property of the debtor (1) where a debtor has sold, conveyed, or otherwise disposed of his property, with the fraudulent intent to cheat or defraud his creditors, or to hinder or delay them in the collection of their debts; (2) where he is about to make such sale, conveyance, or disposition of his property with such fraudulent intent; or (3) where he is about to remove his property, or a material part thereof, with the intent or to the effect of cheating or defrauding his creditors, or of hindering and delaying them in the collection of their debts.


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  • In an action on a claim before it is due, an attachment is allowable only on grounds and conditions prescribed by statute. McCartney v. McCartney, 128 Neb. 671, 260 N.W. 184 (1935).

  • Surety paying note before due may attach, if payee could. Danker v. Jacobs, 79 Neb. 435, 112 N.W. 579 (1907).

  • When a debtor has committed any one of the fraudulent acts enumerated in this section, creditor may maintain an action on a claim before it is due. Cox & Cornell v. Peoria Mfg. Co., 42 Neb. 660, 60 N.W. 933 (1894).

  • An action can be maintained on a claim before it is due only in the exceptional cases enumerated in this section. Caulfield v. Bittenger, 37 Neb. 542, 56 N.W. 302 (1893).

  • Filing of affidavit is a request to grant writ and written application in addition is unnecessary. Winchell v. McKinzie, 35 Neb. 813, 53 N.W. 975 (1892).