Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1027

Chapter 25


Garnishee; payment into court; effect; costs.

A garnishee may pay the money owing to the defendant by him into court. He shall be discharged from liability to the defendant for any money so paid not exceeding the plaintiff's claim. He shall not be subjected to costs beyond those caused by his resistance of the claim against him; and if he disclose the property in his hands, or the true amount owing by him, and deliver or pay the same according to the order of the court, he shall be allowed his costs.


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  • Garnishee may pay money into court. Scott v. McDonald, 125 Neb. 803, 252 N.W. 323 (1934).

  • Where money is voluntarily paid into court by defendant's debtor upon attempted garnishment, court's order to apply it upon plaintiff's judgment will not be set aside because of insufficiency in garnishment proceeding. Ryan v. Bullion, 100 Neb. 705, 161 N.W. 167 (1916).

  • Payment into court in good faith protects garnishee though made before defendant was summoned. Scott v. Kirschbaum, 47 Neb. 331, 66 N.W. 443 (1896).