Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1023

Chapter 25 Section 1023


Attached property; preservation; sale; proceeds.

The court shall make proper orders for the preservation of the property during the pendency of the suit. It may direct the sale of property when, because of its perishable nature or the costs of keeping it, a sale will be for the benefits of the parties. In vacation, such sale may be ordered by the judge of the court. The sale shall be public, after such advertisement as is prescribed for the sale of like property on execution, and shall be made in such manner, and upon such terms of credit, with security, as the court or judge, having regard to the probable duration of the action, may direct. The proceeds, if collected by the sheriff, with all the money received by him from garnishees, shall be held and paid over by him under the same requirement and responsibilities of himself and sureties as are provided in respect to money deposited in lieu of bail.


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